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Safety: A cultural mindset
It’s about culture and approach for the workplace.  A safety compliance process that helps to build employee ownership and accountability.

Verrico Associates helps Clients build a safety-focused work environment that allows line operations and employees to take ownership and control of the safety process. We provide compliance-based services such as audits, inspections, incident investigations or OSHA/agency reporting.  Our Associates also have expertise in longer-term safety sustainability processes such as behavior-based safety, Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) implementation, safety management systems, ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001 and others.

Regardless of what the safety challenges are, Verrico Associates works with our Clients to determine what processes make sense for their organization, each of which has unique issues. We want to help you make real changes that move the organization from a “compliance mode” to a “performance mode.”  

It starts with one key philosophy: employee workplace safety must be owned and governed by the EMPLOYEES on the floor, not the safety manager or even the top management. Safety is everyone’s job.